Drivers To Be Able To Communicate With Toyota's Latest Self-Driving Cars

Toyota’s Concept-i vehicles, equipped with its AI virtual assistant called Yui, is all set to to hit the roads for trial runs in 2020. The Japanese car maker wants to create a new set of standards in the future of transportation. After unveiling a concept model for a new line of autonomous vehicles, Toyota expects to start testing these driverless cars in 2020.
Toyota’s Yui isn’t your typical autonomous driving system. The company’s vision for Yui, is to add value by building a real relationship with its human driver. This is primarily achieved by communicating and getting to know them better using its deep learning ability. However, Toyota does not want to restrict its AI to just an interface for communications; Yui is designed to live in the cloud, and to transfer from vehicle to vehicle as an owner buys new cars (or uses car-sharing services). A demo video of Yui from Toyota envisions a man forming a 20-year bond with his own Yui assistant, with the AI knowing about his family, interests and personality very deeply.

By using AI technology, we want to expand and enhance the driving experience, making cars an object of affection again

-Makoto Okabe, GM Toyota EV Business Planning Division.
Toyota, promises that their 2020 autonomous vehicle tests will be different, as all of their vehicles will be embedded with the latest version of its AI assistant (Yui), alongside cutting edge technology.
Drivers To Be Able To Communicate With Toyota's Latest Self-Driving Cars


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