Cleveland, Ohio To Hold Its First Blockchain Conference

Cleveland will host its first blockchain conference, Solutions, from Dec. 1-4. That gives blockchain proponents in Cleveland just over 4 months to find funding, arrange workshops, book keynote speakers and design a program that will attract thousands of coders, public officials and business leaders to the Huntington Convention Center. Solutions has the full weight of Cleveland car mogul’s Bernie Moreno’s “Blockland” group behind it, including David Gilbert, CEO of Destination Cleveland.
Moreno hopes to make Cleveland an epicenter for blockchain, an online ledger system best known for hosting Bitcoin and other online currencies. The new, hyped technology can be used many ways, from hosting government records to keeping track of patient records. Gilbert headed the host committee that brought the Republican National Convention to Cleveland. He’s been board with the plan to transform Cleveland to blockchain central since the beginning, flying with seven other Cleveland leaders to visit Toronto’s Blockchain Research Institution in June.
Gilbert announced the dates for the conference in a meeting, hosted at’s offices on Superior Avenue, which saw an attendance of more than 80 people. He announced the dates along with Steve Santamaria, a technology entrepreneur who recently moved to Cleveland from Seattle, Gilbert laid out an ambitious timeline for the conference. By Aug. 6, Santamaria and Gilbert hope to have keynotes confirmed and then by Aug. 15, they want to send out the “save the dates” message!


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