Blockchain Project To Make Affiliate And Referral Marketing Accessible To All Businesses

Despite the fact that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools around for establishing a loyal base of frequent customers, Gagapay Network argues that too few companies are embracing this technique. Often, this is because they have no understanding of which strategy will yield the best results or lack the time and manpower to manage and track a program.
The company plans to blend affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty and bounty programs in one place on a SaaS platform powered by smart contracts and the NEO Blockchain, and hopes this will remove the barriers to entry which are denying fledgling businesses the growth they deserve. For starters, Gagapay will target Both Blockchain and non-Blockchain businesses. The start-up says its system, which offers premade templates with a simple drag-and-drop design, will make it easier for businesses to create customized programs quickly – and it will be possible to run multiple campaigns from a single account. It also plans to offer three tiers of membership to appeal to enterprises of all sizes.
An open marketplace would connect marketers with these companies, allowing them to filter ongoing campaigns by industry, region and reward size. Gagapay Network believes smart contracts also have the potential to eliminate the trust issues. The start-up has already begun to source expert consultants and advisers – and explore partnerships that will help its platform launch and expand to Europe and Asia. Gagapay Network says more than 40,000 users registered on its portal even before its pre-ICO began on April 23.
Blockchain Project To Make Affiliate And Referral Marketing Accessible To All Businesses


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