Salesforce Pioneer, Halsey Minor Sees Great Potential Blockchain Technology

Halsey Minor is among one of the latest big names to venture into blockchain. Having founded Coinbase’s competitor Uphold, he went further down the rabbit hole launching VideoCoin, which describes itself as “video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet.” Minor in the past has co founded Salesforce in 1999 and the iconic CNET back in 1994 that helped pioneer the Internet revolution and shaped the future of technology as we know it.
VideoCoin has raised over $36 million in pre-ICO funding from early investors and the team has a primary goal of leveraging the blockchain to store, encode, and stream videos at a cost-efficient rate. It also plans on using unused computers in data centers to power its network. They aim to rival competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud in their ability to offer lower prices at scale.
With Minor at the helm and aspirations of being the new Blockchain-powered AWS, VideoCoin certainly merits excitement. Here’s why;

  • Next-gen vlogging
  • Content transparency and control
  • Upgraded VR & 360

Utility of tokens along with traditional business indicators like quality of team, size of market and depth of technical innovation will increasingly be key.
Salesforce Pioneer, Halsey Minor Sees Great Potential Blockchain Technology


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