How to Make a $1000 a Month Business Course

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An effective step by step course that turns your business idea into a profitable venture.

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For a limited time, we’re offering this stellar course to help you start a business that generates $1K/month in revenue.

When the course was launched, it turned out to be a MASSIVE hit. The original price for the course was $600.

But we’re now giving it away for a fraction of the price.

Why? Because we want you to take advantage of this really rare opportunity and join the 10,000+ entrepreneurs who have used our programme to build wildly successful enterprises

(The author of this course still gets emails from entrepreneurs who the course transformed their business).

Even if you have no prior business experience, How To Make $1000 a Month course will take you from idea to profitable business in less than a month.

This course, which is back by popular demand, is made to not only help you get over the enormous obstacle of establishing a business, but also to actually raise money before you spend any money on business growth!

In this course, Noah Kagan (The founder of AppSumo) will walk you through various problem scenarios and how to:

  • Purge your fear and choose an idea that really works.
  • Verify the business idea and get your first paying customer in less than one week
  • Build a business that generates $1,000/month or more.
  • Run the business on Auto-pilot

As with any successful plan, the growth comes in phases:

Phase 1: Your Rock Solid Idea

Learn 6 step method that will help you identify 11 real world problems and solutions to address them. Once you’ve figured it out, pick the one that generates maximum revenue for you and something that you can do effectively.

Phase 2: Validating your Business Plan

Validation is an important step that can weed out any shortcomings and defects in your plan.  Before starting a viable business (and viable) the solution you created in Phase 1 is.

Monthly 1K helps you figure this out so you’re not wasting a ton of money on fruitless endeavors. 

Phase 3: Getting To $1,000

Find out how to market like a boss (with no money)!

The techniques learned here can be repeated to get you $1,000+ in recurring revenue for life.

Phase 4: Scaling and Beyond:

The final phase takes you one step further, teaching you how to turn your recurring revenue into a lifestyle business or a sustainable empire. 

The best part about this course is that you’re not just sitting through hours of snoozefest lectures.

Instead, you’re forced to take action and implement everything you learn through hands-on experiences.

As if that’s not enough, you also get access to the Monthly1k community on Facebook to ask questions, organize mastermind calls, and keep each other accountable.

Normally, this course would cost you $600 (which you should make back in the first month).

But right now, we’re offering it for a fraction of that price.

Why are they bringing this back for such a low price? “Obviously, they’re going to upsell me something.”

Nope! We feel SO strongly that this course was helpful then and even MORE helpful now to the millions of people looking to build the confidence to start a successful business. 

A ton of great businesses were built during uncertain economic times, and right NOW is a golden opportunity to get started.

You could keep telling yourself that one day you’ll stumble upon a “sick business idea.”

OR you could take this course and come away with an actionable business plan that’ll finally give you financial FREEDOM.


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