DATx: A Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

DATx is a new blockchain-based digital advertising terminal which aims to create a decentralized advertising ecosystem that is free from the major problems that traditional programmatic advertising faces. The concept is simple: to build an intelligent advertising ecosystem with blockchain-based decentralization as its foundation and Artificial Intelligence as its main machinery.

DATx integrates blockchain-based technologies with Artificial Intelligence and big data techniques to build an innovative advertising ecosystem which provides data privacy, security and transparency between data proprietors (the users) and the advertisers that utilize them, granting the users the right to gain control over the data they wish to provide as well as giving them appropriate incentives for providing data. In exchange, the advertisers become more efficient as they are able reach their target audience more accurately, creating a just and win-win user-advertiser relationship.

The DATx ecosystem guarantees irreversibility, justice, transparency and auditability. Innovations are targeted towards the problems that traditional programmatic media buying faces when it comes to handling user data. Their new blockchain-based system provides solutions to these problems and makes solving them beneficial not only to the end users but to the advertisers as well.


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