Top 5 Stellar Blockchain development Companies

If you’re looking to develop a modern payments platform on the Stellar blockchain, you would need to find a stellar blockchain developer or a Stellar blockchain development company.
What is a Stellar Blockchain?
Stellar is a free and Open source blockchain platform designed for financial tech startups and financial institutions. Stellar promises to change the landscape of Micro-lending, micro banking and other cross border financial products by decreasing the transfer time and the fee associated with each transaction.
You can easily build a payments platform using the stellar blockchain and with a team of stellar blockchain developers or a stellar blockchain development companies. Below, we have curated and listed some of the best development agencies that can help you.
Level 10 Stellar Blockchain Development Company (Check here)
Level 10 stellar blockchain development company develops Stellar blockchain based payments, lending and micro investments platforms for multiple banking and non-banking institutions. Level 10 has worked with customers to develop cross border payments and lending platform with machine learning based Know Your Customer (eKYC) functionality called Zeus built into it. The AI enables the platform to process / verify the documents using OCR and other technologies so the applications could be processed faster.  Level 10 has also worked on Ripple, Hyperledger, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Iroha, R3 Corda among other Distributed Ledger Technologies.

HASHEX Stellar Blockchain Development Company
HASHEX stellar blockchain development company is based out of US and India. The stellar blockchain development company has worked on some of the visually striking and functional payment apps that has been used by users across the world. HASHEX has a team of Stellar blockchain developers who are passionate about building futuristic payment solutions for the masses. HASHEX has also worked on other platforms like Ripple and Hyperledger. According to the user reviews, the customer experience with HASHEX has been quite good.
Divum Stellar Blockchain Development Company
Divum is headquarted in India, the Stellar blockchain development team at the company has been instrumental in building some of the interesting projects on the cross border payments front. Their lean approach to providing solutions is the key to their success. They understand and analyse the customer’s requirements to provide unique solutions. Divum has worked on various mobile, web technologies and are now enter the blockchain technology space to offer customers the best possible technological solutions to their problems.
Minddeft Stellar Blockchain Development Company
Minddeft stellar blockchain development company builds decentralised payment applications that run on the stellar blockchain. Minddeft was founded because of the need to build an efficient white-labelled enterprise grade payment processing and transfer platform where even startups can tap into their infrastructure and the Stellar blockchain network at a reasonable fee. Minddedft offers dedicated stellar blockchain developers onsite for customers who need them. They are one of the fastest growing development companies in India.
Black Cactus Global Stellar blockchain development company
Black Cactus Global is both a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and a Custom blockchain development agency. They have built platforms that allow asset tracking, payments and civil ledger maintenance for various clients. Their Stellar blockchain developers have the experience of working at enterprise grade products such as SAP, Azure, Kubernetes etc. Their plunge into the stellar blockchain development recently holds interesting prospects and solutions. The customer experience index collected considering from various parameters, rate them at 4.0/ 5
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Stellar?
Stellar is a modern secure payments network that allows people to transfer money with each other across borders without any constraints and a much less network fees that is only a fraction of what we pay to traditional banking systems. The stellar network has banking and non-financial instution partners that also enables speedy lending and helps these institutions offer other financial services / products.
Why should you develop on the Stellar Blockchain platform?
The convenience it offers for the end user through its friction-less payments network. Stellar also makes it easier to integrate with other blockchains or an already existing infrastructure. The solid security of Stellar network makes it a preferable choice for building platforms. Since it is developed by the community, the Stellar project keeps evolving and makes it easier to integrate more features.
What is the difference between Stellar Vs. Blockchain (Bitcoin)?
Principally, Stellar is an Open source project that is developed by the community and the aim of the project was to enable people in the lower income group or people without bank accounts to transact / receive funds from lending agencies that provide loans for low interest rates.
Blockchain was built to make it easier to transfer funds and to hold digital assets across the world. As of now, It doesn’t support cross-chain payments like Stellar does. Bitcoin Blockchains takes up a lot of time to confirm transactions and takes enormous energy and resources to verify these transactions.


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