Start a Blockchain based Advertisement Exchange Platform

A blockchain based Ad Exchange platform doesn’t only serve its purpose of being a wall of advertisements, but it also pays its users – all users including the visitors and the consumers. Clicking an Ad is no sin now, rather it is an incentivized activity.
Did you know? Now since AdClicks are made rewarding by the use of Blockchain technology, there is every possibility that AdBlockers can go ignored by a major set of people who wish to earn online. But how exactly will this benefit the mass? Let’s take a closer look at its general working and features using an Example – AdEx.

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[item title=”Why should you start a blockchain based advertisement Exchange platform? “]
Serving digital advertisement is a lucrative business, and often the payouts are high for certain category and for a user the ads if relevant can be extremely useful. It’s a Win-Win.
The ad-serving platform if built intelligently over the blockchain can process vast amounts of advertising data enabling ad re-targeting and build relevance index for each user faster and to serve digital advertisements easily.  [/item]
[item title=”How does a Blockchain based Advertisement Exchange Platforms make money?“]
Ad exchange platforms based on Ethereum smart contracts are a cost-effective solution for Advertisers, earning possibility for Publishers and an incentivizing hub for Consumers.
For Publishers – Publishers are paid for their service, via escrow accounts governed by smart contracts. A smart contract here can be an agreement or a bid for a specific number of impressions, clicks or conversions (sign-ups, purchases etc.), a task for the publisher to paid by the Advertiser. An advertiser pays in advance for the service, but the same will be credited to the publisher upon reaching the target.
For Advertisers – Advertisers are paid per user clicks and many more usual strategies for converting leads. Advertisers are also rewarded for purchases, sign-ups etc. An advertiser on a blockchain platform earns through cost-cutting.
For Consumers – Consumers are rewarded for certain actions within the network requiring the creation of additional tokens. This will ensure slow, and on-demand inflation of the token which will release enough tokens for circulation and creating value. [/item]
[item title=”What are the Features?“]
A decentralized Ad Exchange is built on the Ethereum blockchain and its operations administered by Smart Contracts. It provides advertisers with a transparent and focused environment to connect with Publishers and best potential clients thereby.
User Profile – It provides every user with the power of controlling what they want to see. It provides them with a personal page that can be customized to their preferences, here the Advertisements. This feature is beneficial to the Advertisers too as it allows them to understand their audiences in a way that will help them regain a high Return on Ad Spending (ROAS)
Privacy – User data like a user’s personal information, their preferences etc. are all anonymized using the blockchain technology and the Advertisers are provided with only the statistics of this encrypted information by servicing Advertiser adequately and also without compromising the user’s privacy
Transparency – Existing bidding platforms offer no information about ad bids which means that an advertiser is just told about the maximum bidding for an Ad property but it doesn’t allow them to verify the same. Transparency is one of the Blockchain-based platforms’ inherent quality which lets its users validate and pay only for the actual results
Real-time Reporting – Advertisers are given the privileges to understand and analyze the campaign performance in the form of real-time reports. It doesn’t only allow them to spot trends quickly and adjust their campaigns for maximum conversions, but it also allows them to test if a campaign is properly set and tracked
Ad fraud-proof -When qualities like real-time reporting, transparency etc. are bundled in the platform package it indirectly eliminates fraud traffic which is invalid, and this can be directly controlled by the Advertiser
Ads matching Habits – An end user’s page is populated with only the Advertisements they wish to see or those that wouldn’t be any irrelevant. These Ads can also be visually designed by the exchange platform upon Advertiser’s request, to match the native content
Decentralized – Users are the most powerful authority which decides any entity’s operation and this is proved true and is implemented in the blockchain technology. In advertising platforms, the user’s deciding the content will be beneficial to them and also the advertisers and publishers
Payments – Cryptocurrency is by the blockchain and for the blockchain. Using cryptocurrencies for payment welcomes everyone to take advantage of the advertising possibilities to grow their business
Cost-effective – A blockchain-based ad sharing platform involves no commission or fees, as there are no intermediaries regulating the process. The buyers and sellers of Advertising spaces connect directly to form a decentralized ad exchange
Multi-device Ad Sharing – Ad Sharing is optimized to fit displays of varying sizes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
[item title=”What is a Blockchain?”]
The blockchain is a network of nodes (devices with an internet connection). It is a distributed and decentralized ledger technology which was re-introduced to support transactions of a digital asset called Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Now blockchain is used by many industries to implement their online businesses on a trust network like blockchain which keeps track of every single transaction and thus will eliminate redundancy, or duplication. [/item]
[item title=”What is Ad Exchange?”]
An ad exchange is a platform, a digital marketplace where advertisers and publishers come to buy and sell advertising spaces. These spaces are sold through real-time auctions.


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