Top 5 OpenChain Blockchain development Companies

The possibilities of developing on a Openchain blockchain is endless. The amazing flexibility and the openness of the platform allows various Openchain blockchain development companies or openchain blockchain developer to provide solutions tailored to each specific requirement. Here are some of the Openchain blockchain development companies we have handpicked to make it easier for you.

  • Level 10 Openchain blockchain development company (Check HERE )

Level 10’s Openchain blockchain development arm has openchain blockchain developers from diverse backgrounds right from a senior software architect who has worked on cutting edge products for the supply chain industry to folks from Google’s AI ML teams who are passionate about solving mission critical issues that hold back businesses from reaching their full potential. Openchain Blockchain is another technology they see immense potential. .The team at Level 10 has an overall customer experience index of 4.8/ 5.

  • AUXESIS Openchain blockchain development company 

Auxesis are planning to build their own ledger platform and have been working on distributed ledger based products such as their smart contract based insurance settlement platform. Their team constantly focuses on bringing out innovative products for the masses, based in India, Auxesis tries to make their blockchain accessible to small and medium business to give their business an edge. The team at AUXESIS has an overall customer experience index of 4.6/ 5.

  • Krusche & Co Openchain blockchain development company

Krusche & Co is a blockchain consulting and openchain development company that is helping small businesses transform their business process through efficiently creating a process architecture for their businesses and modernising the software the businesses run on, and for this they use technologies such as Hyperledger and Openchain. They act as one of the key players in changing the openchain development landscape in Tier 2 cities. They hope to see a wider adoption of the platform for businesses by 2022. Krusche also has openchain developers who can consult with the customers on an on demand basis.The team at K & C has an overall customer experience index of 4.3/ 5.

  • Maruti Techlabs Openchain blockchain development company

Maruti Techlabs openchain blockchain development company plans to educate everyone about the benefits of Openchain blockchain. Their key interests lie in the platform that transforms businesses under the manufacturing, shipping and retail management industries. Their blockchain development team is relatively new to the technology, but have experienced developers from different backgrounds who are enthusiastic about the technology. The team at Maruti has an overall customer experience index of 4.0/ 5.

  • iBeam Infosoft openchain blockchain development company

iBeam Infosoft openchain blockchain development company builds and manages hyperledger sawtooth based implementations for the shipping industry. While are already working on Hyperledger based projects, they see promise in the Openchain blockchain. Their developers are certified by various distributed ledger training programs and have expert developers who have worked on  a wide range of products. The team at iBeam has an overall customer experience index of 4.0/ 5.
What is a Blockchain?
To understand the term and the technology, let’s split it into two words. “Block” and “chain”. In the present context, a block is a single record entry of a transaction that can be accessed publicly. A Chain is a link between the individual blocks. Many units of these blocks are linked through a protocol that allow them to communicate with each other, and they are collectively called as a blockchain. Blockchains primarily store every transaction data across other blocks and are designed in such a way that they cannot be manipulated easily. In the unlikely event that one of the block is compromised and a malicious entry is added, the other blocks are would compare with each other and verify the authenticity of the block.
What is an Openchain blockchain?
Openchain is an open source distributed ledger technology. That enables organizations issue and manage
digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way.
Why should you develop on the OpenChain blockchain?
Openchain offers a better level of security and scalability suited for certain use cases in the digital asset management sector. Openchain also offers endless possibilities as the community builds the technology together, it will only get better, faster. Some of the benefits of developing on the Openchain blockchain are:

  • Scalable
  • Distributed
  • Built for enterprise
  • Community driven
  • Ability to run sidechains
  • Robust architecture
  • Faster processing
  • Secure


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