ICO To Pave A New Path, As Expansion Talks Are Underway

Social Q&A platform ASKfm plans to embark on the next phase of its expansionary journey. After maintaining a shroud of secrecy over their ambitions for the last few months, ASKfm announced the launch of their own ICO, with the private sale already underway ahead of the pre-sale and public sale. The company is well positioned to ride to post-ICO success instead of becoming another statistic.
At present, the platform allows users to gain a better understanding of topics or improve social interactions by posing questions and corresponding with other members. The goal of delivering common knowledge has been a success, with platform users asking approximately 600 million questions each month, representing over 49 languages and 168 countries. Unlike many of the companies that approach the ICO market without a viable business model or roadmap, ASKfm has laid out its entire vision for tokenizing its services in a way that will reward all stakeholders. Instead of continuing with their advertising-based revenue model, ASKfm 2.0 intends to position itself as a knowledge center for users across the world.
Of the factors that ultimately contribute to fundraising success, ASKfm is in a much better place relative to other companies attempting to raise capital from the ICO strategy.  Due to an existing user base, ongoing monetization, and most importantly, a vision for incorporating blockchain in a way that benefits all the platform’s participants, ASKfm could prove to be the most exciting coin offering of 2018 considering its strong offering alongside a living ecosystem that already demonstrates significant value.


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