As A Part Of Its New Project, Icon (ICX) Launches Blockchain Incubator Program

Icon (ICX) is one of many currencies that are currently in the process of bouncing back higher while trying to rebound from the market crash that was negatively affecting the price of cryptocurrencies for more than eight weeks in a row. However, bouncing higher is not the only thing ICX has been up to, as Icon Foundation is focused on a new project as launched by their own team called Deblock.
Deblock is an incubation program made possible, thanks to a collaboration between Icon Foundation and a marketing company known as AD4th. As far as the project is concerned, Deblock will work similar to the way business incubators work, which means that there will be opportunities for all ICX users who would like to launch their project and potentially get it funded and launched eventually.
Deblock will serve the purpose of enabling all interested users in easily pitching their projects via Deblock blockchain incubator, while the most interesting projects would be funded, analyzed and supported. Deblock will run on ICX network, while it is expected to have over 300 projects to work on and develop during the course of 3 years where 50 of these would be completely and exclusively funded. All of the 300 projects will be covered in the field of sponsorship, which means that all projects would be promoted with a serious marketing strategy with the cause of getting the best projects funded.
This project will not only affect Icon Foundation in a positive way but may also lead to further development of blockchain-based technology and contribute to the overall expansion of the world of digital assets and decentralization.
As A Part Of Its New Project, Icon (ICX) Launches Blockchain Incubator Program


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