Waymo training self driven cars to drive near Police Vehicles

Driver-less cars is the new tech notion we can hear everyone murmuring around us, recently. Isn’t it? Taking a notch ahead Waymo, the self driving project by Google, has made its way by testing the cars during various situations.
The local government of Chandler city in Arizona, put a step forward and helped Waymo to create a space for testing out their cars. The journey wasn’t easy to try and test out driver-less cars for their purpose on roads but with the government’s help, they were able to close down a street for Waymo’s driver-less minivans to test. Waymo team taught the driver-less cars to react on the sound and the light of sirens of various emergency vehicles like Police vans, Fire trucks and Ambulances.

Waymo driver less cars police

image credit: Markettamer com

We all know, an important aspect of driving a car is spotting the emergency vehicle in vicinity and reacting in an ethical way. Similarly, with the help of artificial intelligence, driver-less cars are meant to be trained to park their vehicle on the sides of road, when they sense an ambulance passing by.
How is that done?
Driver-less cars identify sirens of various vehicles, with the help of the installed cameras and microphones on the car itself. All the vehicles are made to pass on the street past the car. The people will test it either by sitting in the car or by driving behind the car. The sound of the siren varies depending on whether the wind is blowing or not as the sound may vary accordingly. The tests are carried out on similar basis. This is not the only sufficient test, because driving in day time and at night time also plays an important role. So, the cars are also tested during night time to exit any possibility of trouble in that time of the day. The reactions and the way they learn depends a lot on artificial intelligence by feeding commands to which the cars react.
Why is this done?
This involves to take a lot of safety and security measures into consideration. Reacting on arrival of emergency vehicles is utmost important to a driver. Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in designing the scenario for instances like these: when a emergency vehicle passes by, when something comes in front of the car, how to park and many such instances. The car is prepared for all such scenarios.
Once this will be done, Waymo has planned to try this out in Phoenix city, Arizona for their first public trial under their self driving program “Waymo’s Early Riding Program”.
This could not have been done without the support from one of the cities to try and test before going live. Waymo needed a street exposure for itself to try it out. The local government of Chandler has proved their mettle by helping out the testing sessions and gaining all attention and limelight for the launch of driver-less cars!
Let’s see how long driver-less cars are going to make their mark!


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