UBER's Driverless truck enters Guinness record, by delivering a ton of beer

Loaded with 51,744 Budweiser beer cans, Otto, driver-less truck made a 132 mile long journey as part of its trial run. It has been recorded as one of the longest journey by a driver-less truck and is therefore awarded the Guinness World Record for the same.
Otto, founded by Anthony Levandowski and acquired by Uber, launched its driver-less trucks in the year 2016 on trial basis. It carried Budweiser beer cans on the truck and drove it to Colorado Springs from Fort Collins. On the record it has been proved that the truck drove almost 131.99  miles which is the longest distance traveled by an autonomous truck, so far.
As seen in the video, The driver-less truck did have Mr. Walter Martin, a driver by profession, where he closely monitored it now and then, but never took the wheel. He was being monitored by a connected camera where he was seen reading in the back seat and meanwhile monitoring from there.
James Sembrot, Senior director, logistic strategy at Budweiser was excited to be a part of this development. He said, “Budweiser is one of the largest brewers in the United States, we ship over 1.2 million truck loads each year. We’re always looking for new innovation and technology. OTTO’s trucks are the next area of innovation in transportation technology”.
Out of all the cities, the government of Colorado gave an edge by allowing them to drive and test their driver-less cars on their streets. The government had already set some regulating laws for carrying out the testing on the streets. The vehicles, therefore, need to take care of the laws and abide by them, until and unless that continues to happen they are free to test themselves.
Anthony stated that Otto’s technology was all about making the roads safer, “it’s like having a train on software rails”
Otto was acquired by Uber Advanced Technology Group, a separate division under UBER that specializes in working on driverless technologies, ATG later ran into legal trouble with google over Otto. Where Google, accused the founder of Otto who was a former Google employee for stealing trade secrets. Uber had no choice but to boot out, Anthony Levandowski.
Despite all the issues that Otto is surrounded with, this achievement would be a positive leap for Otto. Let’s see how soon driver-less trucks throng the roads!


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