Tesla Releases Automatic High Beams Update For Autopilot 2.0

Tesla loves to tweak its softwares often, and add more features here and there. The latest update brings parity to all models featuring the newest Autopilot hardware. Tesla’s 2017.32 over-the-air software update, which was made available for Autopilot 2.0 vehicles starting the night of August 16, is on the lighter side of updates. There are small updates to its semi-autonomous Autopilot control algorithm, which it is constantly improving.
The part that go everyone talking about this update, was the addition of automatic high beams for all Autopilot 2.0 vehicles. Automatic high beams engage the high beams when oncoming traffic is no longer detected, turning them off when that changes. You’ll have to navigate to the “Lights” portion of the touchscreen controls to activate or deactivate the feature. A small indicator light on the gauge cluster will let drivers know when it’s activated.
Tesla Releases Automatic High Beams Update For Autopilot 2.0


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