Tesla In Pole Position After Apple Pulls The Plug On iCar

Although Tesla seems to have taken the harder route, it sure to pay off in the long run. Tesla chose to stick on their strategy of building an autonomous car right from scratch, despite not being profitable since its inception in 2003. But things have taken a toll at the Apple Inc. Center in California where they announced that, instead of manufacturing an Apple-branded car, the company would rather focus on building the autonomous technology that will power cars made by other companies.
“This was the right decision for Apple because creating the technology is the best way to use its strengths, including optics and machine learning”, Loup Ventures founder Gene Munster said.
Whilst some tycoons feel that Apple may seem to be getting off with an easier option, they believe that Tesla will be seen as the ultimate winner when it comes to autonomous cars. Perhaps a blessing in disguise for Telsa Motors and Eon Musk.
Tesla In Pole Position After Apple Pulls The Plug On iCar


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