Tesla To Introduce – Cloud Based Driver Profiles

Adding to the latest features on the Tesla Network namely; the Model 3’s key car, phone-based unlocking system and the cabin-facing camera – CEO Elon Musk announced the addition of another feature geared toward car-sharing: Cloud-based driver profiles.
The introduction Model S and Model X revealed a certain driver profile function that lets the vehicle adjust several settings based on who is driving the car. This can be chosen from the center screen or linked to a key fob.
But according to Musk’s latest revelation, he states that they (driver profiles) will be in the cloud, or more accurately Tesla’s servers, in order for “any Tesla you drive in the world automatically adjusts to you.” The feature could be useful for Tesla owners who have more than one Tesla or even when an owner gets a loaner vehicle while their car is in service, but the feature certainly has more important implications for car-sharing.
Tesla To Introduce - Cloud Based Driver Profiles


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