Tesla Inc (TSLA) Network Could Revolutionize Transportation Forever

Perhaps a game changer, and something that could possibly influence our whole perception about the concept of “Transportation”. Introducing the Tesla Network, a master plan of Elon Musk and his associates which could hit the roads towards the latter half of 2018.
A recent article in the Teslarati revealed that the – Network has the potential to radically transform the way people get around. So what is this Network? – The average car sits idle in a garage or a parking lot 95% of the time — being able to monetize that dead time could add up to some substantial income. While most consumers don’t think of their cars as money-making taxis just yet, that could change soon enough. With money, being a sole motivator could influence a lot of the common folk. If a $35,000 car could pay for itself within a few years by renting itself out, who wouldn’t opt into a Tesla ridesharing service?
In a recent TED Talk, Elon Musk also stated the major advantages of this Network and how economical the whole platform could turn out to be.
Tesla Inc (TSLA) Network Could Revolutionize Transportation Forever


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