Rolls Royce Building Autonomous Ships With The Help Of Google's AI

In a step towards advancing ships and taking them to the next level, Engineering Unit Rolls Royce has paired up with Google, to improve the artificial intelligence in the firm’s system for situational awareness around seagoing vessels. Under the pact made by the two companies, Rolls Royce will be using Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine for further training its AI-based object classification system for detecting, identifying and tracking the objects a vessel can encounter at sea.
The Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine uses the same neural net-based machine-intelligence software that powers many of Google’s products including image and voice search. By combining this technology with onboard cameras all around the ship, the AI could improve on the human lookout, and in the longer term completely relieve humans from this task.

While intelligent awareness systems will help facilitate an autonomous future, they can benefit maritime businesses right now making vessels and their crews safer and more efficient

– Rolls-Royce ship intelligence SVP Karno Tenovuo
Rolls-Royce says intelligent awareness systems will make vessels safer, easier and more efficient to operate by providing crew with an enhanced understanding of their vessel’s surroundings.
Rolls Royce Building Autonomous Ships With The Help Of Google's AI


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