Ohio To Develop Smart Mobility Center For Autonomous Technology

The State of Ohio is planning to develop a smart-mobility center to prioritize connected technologies and pave the way for autonomous vehicles in the state. The project – DriveOhio is defined as an inter-sectional mobility scheme aiming to unite the public and private sectors, which will enhance the deployment of inter-operable smart mobility technologies.
The bulk of the plan is meant to streamline transportation projects with intelligent components. Relying on federal regulations is too costly and time consuming, and the state is willing to invest in bringing together government, the industry and research partners. The state has issued a $5 million request for proposals for a public-private partnership to make the center a reality, offering an estimated 18-month contract.
A physical location for the center is pending, but in the meantime it will be housed in the state transportation department facilities. The center is also part of a bid to attract tech startups to the Buckeye State. Ohio has expressed interest in hosting autonomous vehicle testing facilities for companies such as Waymo, the self-driving Google affiliate.
Ohio To Develop Smart Mobility Center For Autonomous Technology


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