Nvidia's Growth Hack For Autonomous Cars

Nvidia reported some major upscaling in their business operations and profits earned over the last quarter. To mention numbers, the graphics-chip specialist’s revenue jumped 56%, earnings per share rocketed 124% and adjusted EPS soared to 91%.
A recent interview with Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang, revealed as to how the company views the road map for growth from autonomous vehicles. Here are some key quotes from the interview;

For this year and next, what you should see is development partnerships that we have with a growing number of car companies, and they’re reflected in our e-projects, development systems and purchasing of our AI supercomputers like DGX. …
Starting next year, you’re going to start to see robot taxis start to come to the road. We’re working with a handful, maybe, I guess, about six or seven really exciting robot taxi projects around the world. And you could see them start to go into prototype or beta testing starting now. And then, next year, you’ll see a lot more of them. And starting 2019, you’ll see them going to real commercial services. And so those are robot taxis, what some in the industry call Level 5s, basically driverless cars.
And then the fully autonomous … branded cars will start hitting … around 2020 and 2021.

Nvidia’s driverless car partnerships with over 10 major automakers is sure to help in the cause. Find out more in the link below.
Nvidia's Growth Hack For Autonomous Cars

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