Managing Information And Security Hold Key To Autonomous Car Makers

With autonomous cars, looming about in the 21st century- Traditional car manufacturers are now forming alliances with ride sharing and tech companies, resulting in breakthrough innovations and swifter actions. All these innovations are primarily down to one major aspect that is, Managing the Data.
For driverless cars to run efficiently and provide a pleasant, hassle-free experience for passengers, a massive amount of data must be obtained and allowed to flow into the technology’s sophisticated sensors. The more personalized driverless cars get — the more individual data must be incorporated into their services. But with everything coming at a cost, there are major concerns about how the enormous amount of autonomous vehicle data will be used, particularly if it ends up being made available for commercial or marketing purposes or falls into the wrong hands.
Another concern here is to protect self-driving cars from hacking and to safeguard driver data collected by connected vehicles. The current industry focus has been on incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into self-driving cars to ensure that passengers arrive safely. But being on guard against automotive cyber attacks is just as crucial to safety as avoiding accidents. In the coming years it would be interesting to see how government entities and innovators in autonomous technology work together to safeguard consumers as the technology advances.
Managing Information And Security Hold Key To Autonomous Car Makers



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