Machines Learning From Each Other, Could Be The Most Aggressive Trend In AI

Intelligent systems, powered by the latest round of machine learning software, aren’t just getting smarter: they’re getting smarter faster. Understanding the rate at which these systems develop, can be a particularly challenging when it comes to exploring how technology is changing every day.
Furthermore, back in a press conference in 2015; Elon Musk highlighted the autopilot feature of the Tesla Model S, which allowed the car to drive semi-autonomously. The Tesla Model S could improve its own autonomous features by learning from its driver, but more significantly, knowledge could then be shared with every other Tesla vehicle.
As machines begin to learn from their environments in new and powerful ways, their development is accelerated by communicating what they learn with each other. Where it may take one driverless car significant time to learn to navigate a particular city—one hundred driverless cars navigating that same city together, all sharing what they learn—can improve their algorithms in far less time.
Machines Learning From Each Other Could Be The Most Aggressive Trend In AI


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