Our jobs at stake? Artificial Intelligence and Robots to take over!

With the increasing growth of technology and artificial intelligence, people are really worried about their own jobs. According to one of the surveys taken by 352 AI researchers, AI will take over human functions within 45 years. The complete transition would take somewhere around 120 years. Though the skills required to build an automated car or the software is not everyone’s cup of tea. Expecting a cab driver to manage the building up of an automated car is a crucial deal. It is difficult for taxi drivers when everything becomes driverless, but we will still be needing software engineers to handle the technological background.
Need for engineers will constantly be there to help in upgrading the software or hardware. There will be a huge lot of employees who will be refrained from their current jobs. But AI carries a lot of other benefits, which will be a delight to see!
driverless cars
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