Hollywood to profit from Self-Driving Autonomous Cars

Now we all don’t need much introduction to autonomous cars. A whole hoard of companies have set up their establishments across the Detroit – Silicon Valley stretch in a hope to come out on top on the D-day! With an estimated 21 million new connected cars (or vehicles with internet access) on the road in 2017, it’s no wonder that a 2016 Ernst & Young report projects that in-car streaming entertainment could bring $20 billion in incremental revenue to the industry.
The whole point here being that, with the expansion of mobile lifestyle into cars- Hollywood becomes an important part of this journey. Sure, passengers will continue to use personal mobile devices but a self-driving car could deliver a more sophisticated offering of movies, TV and games as well as emerging platforms such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
Ted Schilowitz, futurist at Paramount Picture points out that- In a driverless car, “there’s a lot of real estate … If you look at the windshield and windows, they are ‘screens’ at the right distance to be entertainment portals. Can the windshield be the movie screen of tomorrow?”

Multiple studios are looking at this and meeting with strategic partners. I’d guess that they are all looking at it.

Autonomous car movie


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