The Future Of Transport Is Beyond Just Driverless Cars

As the global population continues to grow, we have a graving concern that revolves around our day to day lives in most urban centers. And that is, transportation. This concern has many other dimensions attached to it like, reducing carbon emissions, better fuel consumption, traffic management etc.
With such a serious challenge on our hands, Technology will no doubt play a huge role in addressing that problem, but many of the people working on that at the moment are not doing so from Silicon Valley, but in Netherlands. The country has been working its way up over the years and has successfully led out out campaigns and other strategies with regards to transportation. It would surprise anybody, to learn the fact that they have a long and proud history of pioneering automated driving technology going back to 1995.
With vehicles become smarter and more automated, there will be advances in data communication between cars on the road and between cars and roadside installations. In other words, there is a need to teach those “autonomous” cars to take into account real-time data about their surroundings and other vehicles.
The country as a whole, believes that introducing a cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to focus on infrastructure rather than just vehicles, will enable them to significantly improve traffic flows in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact, as well as boosting their competitiveness in terms of job opportunities and economic growth.
The Future Of Transport Is Beyond Driverless Cars


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