FT Techno of America, Setting Up A $5 Million Test Track For Autonomous Cars

FT Techno of America’s Fowlerville Proving Ground is gearing up to build a new $5 million test track specially designed to test advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology. The new test track will feature connected traffic infrastructure such as stop lights that can communicate with vehicles, and it will mimic real-world traffic conditions.
It will have freeway ramps, a five-lane signaled intersection, a four-way stop intersection, a roundabout and a multi-use dynamic pad that can be customized to test a range of traffic scenarios. While technologies related to connected cars and autonomous vehicles are relatively new and still emerging, officials revealed that building the new testing facilities is worth any risk of the unknown.

We wanted to create a facility that creates real world conditions to validate these systems, because you want to be able to practice to see how well it would work in reality

– Jason Musson GM, FT Techno of America

Some of the 35 companies that currently test products at FT Techno of America — mostly auto parts manufacturers and some auto makers — are already testing ADAS technologies at the proving grounds. The company is an independent testing facility and is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers.

FT Techno of America, Setting Up A $5 Million Test Track For Autonomous Cars


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