Indian startup works on developing affordable Self Driving systems for Trucks

Flux Auto, is a Bangalore based startup working in the Driver-less Trucks space. Founded by Pranav Manpuria, the startup aims to make the technology accessible and economic & at the same time in quality of global standards. The ADAS Flux Auto is working on can be available to be retrofitted to any Trucks at just $3000 to $4000. Using this system, any truck can handle automatic lane keeping, avoid collision and handle cruise control effectively. The startup is looking to raise $1.5 Million to expand the team and develop the technology

Manpuria says, “We’re using cameras along with other sensors — sonar, radar, ultrasonic, etc — to understand everything that’s happening around the vehicle, and make decisions based on that. We’re developing our entire tech stack as an after market accessory. This allows us to target the massive market of already existing commercial vehicles.

Flux auto driver-less truck


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