Facebook Inc To Join The Autonomous Race?

Well something seems to be attracting Facebook Inc, else one wouldn’t find Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook lurking around at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show. Interesting isn’t it? A social media platform taking interest in Autonomous Cars? Perhaps something’s brewing and this lurking about is possibly as one says, the calm before the storm?
What captures minds of laymen and tech geeks alike when associated with Facebook and the car industry is the, billions of advertising dollars the industry spends on marketing and advertising. But that’s not what Facebook is focusing on. Facebook’s strategy involves something that leverages its capabilities in social marketing, AR & VR and its advanced AI and deep learning capabilities to support the development of autonomous vehicles.
From mobile messaging products to virtual reality and solar-powered drones, Facebook is bringing forth revolutionary technologies and a vision to digitally transform all businesses including, Automotive. At the center of Facebook’s strategies is the connected socially-integrated customer. Facebook believes that car companies are focusing more on the connected car, rather than the connected consumer. With every new customer car buying journey now beginning online, it is possible through Facebook’s huge data on a customer’s social behavior, to make that experience personalized and completely customized.
Facebook Inc To Join The Autonomous Race?

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