Driverless Cars Might Be More Secure Than Expected

With growing concerns about autonomous cars being prime targets for hackers, a certain fear has been magnified amidst tragic terrorist attacks in which vehicles are used as weapons. But with the latest advancements and fool proof technology, many security experts in this domain believe that cracking the autonomous shell for a hacker would be an arduous job.

One interesting thing about fully self-driving cars is they’re unintentionally more secure, which is really not what you would expect at all

-Craig Smith, A Security Researcher and Car Hacker.

The sensors in the cars alongside their redundancy and fusion approach allows self-driving cars to make better decisions, and also helps to keep vehicles secure from hacking. Danny Atsmon, head of self-driving vehicle testing company Cognata; explains more about the technical side of things in the link below.

Self Driving car Safety
Image source / Credit: shellypalmer . com


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