Daimler And Automotive Supplier Bosch To Start Testing Self Driving Robo Taxis

Daimler and automotive supplier Robert Bosch will start testing its so called robo-taxis in the next few months. Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler and Bosch teamed up last year to develop self-driving cars in an alliance aimed at accelerating the production of robo-taxis, joining a growing number of rivals trying to do the same.
The pact between the world’s No.1 maker of premium cars and the world’s No.1 automotive supplier, forms a counterweight to new auto industry players like ride-hailing firms Uber and Didi, which are also working on self-driving cars. Technology companies and car-makers are now striving to adjust to a shifting landscape in the auto industry as consumers increasingly use smartphones to locate, hail and rent vehicles, rather than going out and buying cars.

Apart from highly autonomous level 3 vehicles we will also bring fully autonomous vehicles – level 4/5 – to the streets in the foreseeable future.

– Wilko Stark, VP Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars
Daimler is mainly betting on the purpose-built nature of its taxis as an advantage. The taxis won’t just amount to a usual “technology-kit mounted on a serial vehicle,” according to Daimler VP Wilko Stark — they’ve been designed as autonomous rides “from the beginning.” The officials believes that, this could give them an edge if their ergonomics and performance are better than retrofitted conventional cars.
Daimler And Automotive Supplier Bosch To Start Testing Self Driving Robo Taxis


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