Can Blockchain And Autonomous Cars Go Hand In Hand?

Automakers are accelerating towards a future of autonomous vehicles, but before self-driving cars take to the roads en masse, the road systems of the world need an upgrade. Real-time telemetry and data processing will be essential for self-driving cars to be able to navigate roads independently. With all that in mind, it is necessary here to understand the importance of ensuring integrity and the safety of autonomous vehicles with their passengers.
Applying enterprise blockchain technology to transportation infrastructure would add the levels of trust and security necessary for an autonomous future and be an upgrade to the current Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology for cryptocurrency, but it is at its heart a tamper-proof way of transferring information, making it a promising technology for public infrastructure.
An autonomous future would be eco-friendly: Only a fraction of the current car population would be needed if they were self-piloted and shared. Interoperability will be a key enabler to broad-scale adoption of the technology and that enterprise blockchain can create safer and better critical infrastructure, such as roads and highways, for visionary governments.
Can Blockchain And Autonomous Go Hand In Hand?


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