Start a Blockchain powered Image Sharing platform

If starting a powerful Image sharing platform like Pinterest was on your mind, You now can use the highly efficient and quick to scale blockchain technology, at a fraction of the cost.
Did you know? On platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, more than 3 million images are shared every minute. Starting an Image sharing platform on a blockchain would save costs massively when it comes to usage of bandwidth and storage space by the platform. Building over a blockchain that has its own cryptocurrency would allow everyone using the platform to make money. You could pay people with the platform’s cryptocurrency for engaging with an article, the poster/creators for the number of likes/comments they received. The administrator makes a small percentage of the transaction fee.

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[item title=”Why should you start a Blockchain powered Image sharing platform?“]
But are the aforementioned platforms evolving according to this huge increase in demand? These existing services have changed only a little in the recent years. Implementation of Blockchain technology into such non-expanding areas will help explore new possibilities and features which will restore innovation to this market.
There aren’t many ways for budding or professional photographers to sell their digital work and earn money. Despite services like Shutterstock which provides a stage to showcase works of photographers and designers, it still is not a finite solution. Because these services impose stringent requirements on sellers which forces artists to oblige to such conditions and produce a huge collection of works in order to match the potential buyer’s requisites.
Some of the advantages are –

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[item title=”What are the features of a Blockchain powered Image Sharing platform?“]

Blockchain powered image-sharing platforms are when technology meets social media. Photo-sharing on blockchain is a venture to attract the social media active users who are actually toddlers in cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology.
Traditional photo-sharing platforms involve a lot of technical complexities for both its operation and also to monetize the content. The blockchain is an answer to that complicated sharing.and lengthy processes of benefiting from creations that are worth sharing.[/item]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
[accordion] [item title=”What is a Blockchain?“] The blockchain is a network of nodes (devices with an internet connection). It is a distributed and decentralized ledger technology which was re-introduced to support transactions of a digital asset called Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Now blockchain is used by many industries to implement their online businesses on a trust network like blockchain which keeps track of every single transaction and thus will eliminate redundancy, or duplication.[/item]
[item title=”What is Pinterest?“] Pinterest is an Image sharing platform/community, where people bookmark images or share it with the community which they find interesting. [/item][/accordion]

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