Autonomous Vehicles to be supported by Military-Standard LIDARS

As we draw near to the future of fully autonomous cars, technology has been sparking its way to provide users with top end products. On that note, the LIDAR tech used in autonomous cars has been under the radar. LIDAR platforms, originally developed for the military and defense industry has been demanding performance specs more closely matching the original military specs, insomuch as driver safety is at stake.
Military standards have long defined how rugged components need to be in order to survive in harsh environments. In the air, on the ground or at sea, conditions are very demanding — not only for the soldier but also for the supporting technology used. Over the last few years, LIDAR has become one of the principal detection modes enabling the car’s vision. As in defense, the automotive industry sets very high standards for components to be qualified. In certain cases, the level of qualification that needs to be met is even higher.
With the commercialization of military-grade technologies, it lays down an massive challenge for the wider market to match the standards and the prices set by them. The developments coming years will be the true testament to this interesting story.
Autonomous Vehicles to be supported by Military-Standard LIDARS

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